Our Mission and Values

Our Mission…

The mission of the ACPU shall be to provide a forum facilitating cooperation and the exchange of information and ideas among professionals involved in the conduct of early phase clinical research, in the interest of advancing best practices.  The ACPU is organized for exclusively charitable purposes.  Objectives encompassed within this mission include without limitation:

  • To provide the opportunity for members to meet and discuss professional roles and best practices
  • To promote standards of practice and guidelines for early phase clinical research activities
  • To foster and provide opportunities for the continuing education of its membership
  • To cultivate international collaboration and cooperation in support of ACPU values.

Our Values…

ACPU shall be guided in the accomplishment of its mission by values that comprise the collective standards and ethics of its membership:

  • Ethics of Human Subject Research, ACPU promotes the highest ethical conduct in human subject research.  It endorses full adherence to the Declaration of Helsinki, applicable research guidelines of the local regulatory authorities, i.e.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, applicable regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the EEC countries.
  • ACPU recognizes the importance of confidentiality regarding drugs under investigation, their properties and plans for their use.
  • ACPU seeks to achieve balance representation of professions and of clinical pharmacology units in its membership, governance and organized activities.